“Rise Above” Podcast Delves into Game Dev Journeys Becoming Masters of Their Craft

Today marks the launch of our pilot episode of “Rise Above.” While this series talks to industry experts with storied careers, our podcast journey is just getting started. We’ll be back early in the new year with a full season of episodes, full of insightful and one-of-kind conversations from some of the most experienced and successful game developers in the world. 

For our inaugural episode, we didn’t have to look far to find an industry expert willing to share their journey in game development: Ascendant Studios’ founder, CEO and game director, Bret Robbins. 

Bret spent years creating and directing unforgettable journeys like Dead Space and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Then in 2018, he dared to follow a daydream to bring his vision for a bold new AAA game to life. His successes and failures have taken him from the depths of space, to the epicenter of gaming’s biggest franchise, and today, we’ll take a look behind those challenges, and see what it took to Rise Above.

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Just like when creating games, we’re trying new things and learning along the way as we work to create the best podcast possible. Let us know what you think about “Rise Above” by rating and reviewing the show so we can grow and improve our podcast together.

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