Watch “Dead Space’s Original Creator Reacts to the Remake” featuring Ascendant’s Game Director, Bret Robbins

Gamers love remakes, reviewers love remakes…but do the original creators love remakes? Remaking a beloved classic is an incredible challenge. The player expectations are high, the technical challenges of recreating an older game are complex, and the pressure to improve the experience while staying true to the original make it a daunting undertaking. 

Once that remake is out in the wild, what is it like for the original creator to revisit something they poured their heart, soul, creativity, and life into? Join Ascendant Studios’ CEO and Game Director, Bret Robbins, as he relives creating the 2008 hit Dead Space and all the nerves, excitement, and curiosity that come with playing the Dead Space Remake for the very first time. 


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