Working at
Ascendant Studios

Rise Above

Our open-hearted team of experienced and inspired creators are empowered to have a meaningful impact on the stories we tell and the games we create.We’re passionate and creative. Obsessed with originality. Committed to quality. Focused on fun. Determined to rise above the status quo of our industry and live our dreams in an inclusive, collaborative, professional, and sustainable work environment.

Obsessed with creativity; collaboration; inclusivity; originality; quality

Our founder, Bret Robbins, opened Ascendant Studios in 2018 with the vision to make a visceral, single-player first-person shooter unlike anything the world has seen in decades. Today, we’re a fully independent AAA video game studio with complete ownership and creative control over our debut new IP.

Together we’re building an unpretentious studio culture built on a foundation of respect and an earnest top-down belief in a healthy work/life balance.

A picture of Bret Robbins, CEO of Ascendant Studios

Our Values

This is the code we follow.

Work with Empathy

We treat others the way they want to be treated and are a close knit, unpretentious community. We value professionalism, kindness, talent, experience, trust and commitment, and we work in a mature, honest, open and mutually respectful way.

Sustainably Create
Exceptional Games

We're determined to live our dreams without burnout. By practicing sustainable development, we take care of ourselves, our loved ones, and each other so that we can be rested, healthy, inspired and at our best every day.

Invest in Ourselves

We are empowered to share our knowledge, experiences, and insights to help each other grow through professional development, thought leadership, and mentorship.

Leave the World a Better Place

Our purpose is more than our business. We stand for human decency, peace and hope. We believe in inclusivity and equality. We endeavor to leave the world a better place, and that work begins with us.

Our team = Our Studio

We're in this together.
Here are a few of our incredible team members whose passion and dedication fuel our studio.

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